Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In The Doctor's Office

What goes through your mind while sitting in the doctor’s office? Today, I was called back by a nurse and was asked the typical questions. She was new to me, so we talked about what I was there for and how much fluid went in the shot. Now, I have to tell you that when I go see this doctor, I end up getting one of the giant shots full of saline into my chest and then I do everything I can to get comfortable for the next few days.  I love my doctor and all of the nurses, but I do not like why I’m there, so imagine my face when the nurse steps out to wait on the doctor and there on the counter are 2 big shots waiting. Umm, yeah I was going to have to get that straight.

I waited about 10 minutes before the nurse stepped in to tell me that the doctor was coming but was just in with a patient that had a lot of questions.  So I sat and waited. And waited. Waited some more. I even dozed off, but still I waited.

My husband, who started off with me, had to leave to get our younger 2. 45 minutes later and I started writing this blog on my phone. Notice I did not say complaining, no...just waiting.

Then I began to think back on my day. This was my early morning post on facebook:
I woke up, my husband is safe, peeked in on my babies as they're sleeping, worked out and thinking of many people today. So many blessings and it's not even 6:30a.m. No matter what this day brings, I know mine will be good.

Yes, my day lived up to being that kind of good day. Not because of any one thing, just because.  

Finally, the doctor comes in, checks me over, and after he gives the shot, he proceeds to tell me that this is the last time that I have to come in for this. I asked him to repeat himself just to make sure. YES!! Last shot. That means the only thing left is surgery.

So I walk into the seating area to set up my surgery date when I see a couple that I saw out in the waiting room before my appointment. She begins to talk about her general surgeon who happens to be mine as well. I told her how awesome the surgeon was right before she was called back to set up her own surgery for a double mastectomy.

The conversation was quite loud and I would have had to plug my ears not to have heard. The scheduler first commented on the fact that the woman has breast cancer.  Healthy, ate well, exercised, but there she was. She asked her a few questions, but the woman couldn't answer any questions about size, grade, type or anything regarding her breast cancer. But what she did have was the spirit that she will need to beat this disease. I couldn’t hang around and wait for her to come out because I had to get to my son’s school to pick him up from soccer. However, when I walked past the door, I gave a little nod her way, smiled and then said under my breath, “That's right pink sista!! Fight on!!”
Today is one of those days that will remind you that YOU are in control of the type of day you have. Pain, stress, illness, sadness...none of it will ever be able to steal my joy. Oh and of course we got the shots straight. I only had 1 and the other, well it ended up going down the drain. 


  1. I understand those Doctor visits. It is wonderful you are encouraging others, that's exactly what God wants us to do. I try and do the same. March on :)