Sunday, September 28, 2014

Living With a Little Sass and Humor

I first began this blog simply because after cancer, I began to think so much more positive about things. It's so easy to look at life with cancer as a curse or a death sentence and every lump, cough, or mark, brings new worries or cancer scares. I wanted to get away from that.

After my first few posts, I received an email from a woman who stumbled across my blog and was so appreciative of the uplifting she gained after reading it. She was newly diagnosed and sadly, her cancer had already begun to spread. 

Over the months, she and I emailed and shared thoughts, posts, and laughs often. She was always very open with the struggles she dealt with during her treatments and yet, held on to life with both hands. 
She went on her dream trip and spent time with family and friends. She listened to her doctors and fought her battle for as long as she was asked. 

I did not hear from her and she did not respond to my emails mid summer. Then one day I noticed that  a new entry was posted on her blog that said "Angie's Epilogue." I logged off without reading it and have only blogged once since. 

Today, I finally found the courage to read about the passing of my dear friend and sweet sister Angie. Although I knew when I saw the post, that she had passed, it did not make today any easier. 
Angie, you taught me so much about facing fears. You taught me that it's okay to allow the fear to show as long as it doesn't take over. It's okay to get angry, but not to let that anger eat away at my heart. It's okay to want to be alone, as long as I don't shut the door to life or on those that love me. 
I know I shouldn't cry, but I miss you. My heart is heavy today, but I am so touched that you came across my blog, that you took to time to respond, that you called me your friend. 

I will continue to love life and everyone in it. 
For you, I will always find the humor.
For you, I will always keep my sass.
From one Angie to another, You are Superwoman to me!


  1. You are a strong woman. You deserve a standing ovation. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you, that's very sweet of you to say!

  3. The emptiness in your heart must be vast. Sounds like a beautiful friendship. xx

    1. So sorry Angie. That's why its so important we be transparent with each other because we help each other through this.

  4. This blog post has been plagiarized by someone on Facebook. Tanya Cavell has a facebook blog originally called Cavells Stomach Cancer Journey, recently changed to Stomach Cancer. Cavells Journey. She has copied this post and changed very few words then shared it on her facebook blog on 12th August 2015 and allowed her followers to believe it is her own work.