Thursday, October 17, 2013

Journey With the Beast

     I had never really thought about cancer and I certainly didn't think that I would ever face it. Sure, my grandmother and grandfather passed away from cancer, but I was young. It didn't touch young healthy adults right? Well, here I am a 3 time survivor of thyroid cancer, triple negative breast cancer and another primary breast cancer. I am 42, wife to an amazing supportive man, mother of 4 phenomenal children, teacher, friend, and sister to some amazing women that I have met through this journey. These ladies are my pink sistas and I love them all dearly. It is for them that I began this blog. 

     I'm not a guru on eating properly that can tell you all the right and wrong things to eat. I am not an exercise fiend that will show you my newest fitness routine. I'm not a know it all that can tell you everything you need to know about cancer. What I do know is that cancer took a lot out of me, but it also gave me a lot.  

    I often wonder why 3 times? Why 3 different types? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not fulfilling something that I should be? 

    Maybe this blog will help me. I often think about my pink sisters, cry for those that have left their families too soon, those that are battling fiercely yet are still told that they are losing, and those of us left behind fearing our next recurrence, wondering why them and not us,  or worrying will it one day be us. I've lost so many women that I have met to this beast known as triple negative. Survivor's guilt is real and it takes a bit of me each time someone passes. Again...why me? Why us?

     Thank you for reading. I hope you get something out of the time you spend reading and I invite comments.


  1. The other day I posted and indicated I'd been searching the Internet for another me. In other words, someone who had experienced multiple cancers. I needed hope. This morning my alarm went off on my phone and I shut it off and then checked my emails like I usually do and saw an email from Angie the warrior! I'm on my way to the hospital to have a second biopsy on my liver, first was clear but now they think they may have biopsied the wrong spot. I'm scared and needed hope. Then I read your post and found exactly what I needed to get through this moment. Thank you!

    1. Angeline, thank you again. Your words do mean so much to me. I hope that everything comes out okay with this biopsy. I'll be there holding your hand in spirit!