Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Focusing on a Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, a lot of things have come into my mind. The end of 2013 is bringing a lot of joy and hopefully, growth my way. 

I’ve been keeping track of all of the reasons why I’m so thankful this month. I do it every November, but I have to wonder why I don’t keep it up year round. It really makes me think about everything that happens throughout the day and it reminds me that I have a lot to be grateful for. 

It’s so easy to sit down and complain about all of the things that go wrong in my life. It’s so easy to point the finger at other people and blame them for the problems that happen to me. It’s so easy to see the bad side of things and of people. 

All of the bad things come so easily, kind of like eating all of the chips instead of stopping at 1 serving. 

It takes effort to see beyond what is constantly being thrown at us.

The effort comes in looking beyond the behavior that a child shows when they are frustrated and see the joy and pride they feel when they do succeed at something.

The effort comes in looking beyond someone’s harsh words and immature behavior and seeing the vulnerability in their heart.

Sometimes, I want to complain about the pain in my arm, but then I think about the people who are battling with everything they have but still can’t get ahead of this beast. 

When I think of complaining about my day, I think about the teachers who are facing serious life or death problems because an army or a gang does not want to see them succeed in opening the doors of the world to the children.

I think about the quote my dad often says; “I used to complain of having no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.”

That doesn’t mean that I don’t vent about issues, because Lord knows I do. I just don’t dwell on them or allow them to take apart my day. There will always be someone who is having a harder time than I am.

It’s funny, I get spoken to a lot about how positive I am and that I always try to look at the bright side. 

Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m being complimented or not, but I know I wasn’t always like that. 

Several years ago, I worked at a job that I really enjoyed, but couldn’t stand the environment. I knew it wasn’t the place for me. One summer I decided to make the jump and leave civil service. I’ve been with the public school system ever since and have not looked back yet. 

Preschool and the federal government prepared me for a lot in the classroom...well, except for the lack of funds.

Getting diagnosed the 2nd time helped me also. Watching people in the chemo room, at relays and the few children, men and women that I’ve me during my battles have taught me humility, satisfaction, sacrifice, love and happiness. 

Yes, I get angry, yes I fuss, cry, and complain. But...then I laugh and I smile when the moment is over. I had to laugh when a student explained it best. “I like you because you don’t stay mad. You fuss, but then you’re happy again. You don’t hold it against me.”

Holding onto anger, grudges and stress brings out grays, wrinkles and heart attacks. I’ll settle for grays, laugh lines and positive thoughts. 

I don’t know what it is, but I have really been looking forward to this weekend, to this holiday. Maybe it’s the time with family, the Christmas decorating we will do, or just time off of work. All I know is I’m ready and I will enjoy each moment.  

This Thanksgiving, I hope that every one of you that reads this finds some kind of joy in your day. I wish you all happiness and positive thoughts.


  1. Angie so beautifully expressed. I know that if I met you in person I would like you on sight. You have an enlightened spirit that is refreshing. Enjoy a perfect holiday with your family. By the way, I'm grateful for you my faraway friend.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Angie! I am so happy to have you too!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend! xx